Our message is still the same when you are out injured or when you have down time you should keep on the path of lifelong learning. Many of those who worked with us are now on that path and have more certified skills to add to their CV’s. I.T Skills, HGV Box Driving Skills, Equine Anatomy &Physiology +EQ Nutrition, Equine Transport, should they go down the road of Training or Breeding.

Horsemanship Level 6 which entitles them to act as Riding Instructors plus all the advantages of the Agricultural Farm Management Green Cert. This year has shown that age is no barrier to going back to education & training. Quite a number of the jockeys we were dealing with were in their mid-thirties.

Five senior retired jockeys have managed to gain full time employment after up skilling with the help of the IJT and through our networking with The Friends of The Irish Jockeys Trust in a diverse range of jobs e.g. Photo Finish Department (HRI), Sound System (Irish Racing Industry Services). Apprentice Electrician Riding Instructor (RACE), Self-employed Jockey Coach. Three others have obtained part time work within hospitality at the Racecourses. One jockey spouse has got full time employment in Administration (IIJF).

It is also gratifying to see that the five jockeys who are currently in the third level education as mature students are surpassing even their own level of expectation. Education in no load to carry!